Tutorial: How to draw stubble

Hi guys! 

I finally decided to go ahead and make a tutorial. When I started with this portrait, I had no idea how to draw stubble; I looked online but couldn’t find many tutorials. So, when I figured out how to do this, I thought I’d make one for all you guys who do find it difficult!
Alright, let’s go ahead and get started. Here’s what we have when we begin.
1. Using a very soft pencil (I’m using a 3H pencil), shade the entire area where the stubble will appear.
2. Taking a slightly darker pencil, like an HB, draw little strokes coming inwards, starting at the jaw/ chin.
3.Now take an even darker pencil. This will be the darkest tone on the stubble. Mine is a 2B pencil. Draw little strokes just at the edge of the jaw. These will look odd, but that’ll be fine in a minute.
4. Using the same pencil and short strokes, draw lines towards the mouth, again, starting at the jaw. These lines should be slightly spaced. At places where the stubble wears out thin (for example, in this case, at the center of the chin), this need not be done.


5. Now add little strokes between these lines, concentrating at the outside. These need not be in any fixed pattern- the whole point of it is to look random.
6. Add some dimension by shading the bottom of the jaw. Blend it out using a blending stump, so it doesn’t look very harsh.
7. Add or erase strokes as you please, so that it looks similar to that on the reference, if you’re using one.
Voila! You just drew a beard!
Thanks so much for watching. I hope this helps you guys! 



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