Tutorial- How to draw eyes!

Hey guys! 😀

Second tutorial! This one’s about how to draw eyes using coloured pencils. Well, it’s really a technique, rather than the medium, so I guess the process applies to graphite, pastels or even paints!

Let’s go ahead and get started.

This is what we have when we begin.

1. Colour the iris with your base shade. I’m using a light green. Make sure to avoid the spot where light is meant to reflect from. Also, there’s no need to colour the pupil. So you have a light green doughnut!
2. Using a darker shade, outline the iris. (I’ve used a dark green, but it showed up slightly blue. My camera messed the colours up! ) Fade the dark colour in slightly- this can be done using a blending stump, but I just used a lighter hand.
3. With the same colour, outline the pupil and fade it outwards. Make sure to leave a gap of the light green between the two patches of dark green. This adds dimension to the iris.*
4. Take a black pencil and colour the pupil in- this stays the same with every technique. (Imagine having yellow irises!) Fade the black out very slightly into the surrounding dark green.
5. Darken the topmost area of the iris and fade it downwards. This will create an effect of the eyelid hooding part of the iris.
6. Now, onto the tear-duct area. Use a pink pencil to draw a shape similar to a triangle.
7. Blend it inwards, making sure that the center of the triangle is the lightest. Also, fade it into the cornea- it is never completely white.
8. Use a peach/skin colour to colour around the eye. Notice how it is less pigmented between the crease of the eye and the brows.
9. Use a dark brown on the crease, fading it upwards. See how it fades higher up just before the arch? That is because the skin on the brow bone will be much lighter than that in the crease- again, adds dimension. Also, I added the eyeliner with black, filling in even the little section of the upper waterline visible at the outer corner. If the subject isn’t wearing eyeliner, do this with a colour one or two shades darker than your skin colour.
10. Using the same dark brown pencil, draw a light line just above the lower waterline, and fade it into the cornea. I also filled the brows in with the brown.
11. Add the eyelashes. The topper lashes are generally much thicker and more in number as compared to the lower ones. Also, the lower lashes always start at the bottom line of the lower waterline, and occur in clumps.
12. Use the brown pencil and short strokes to add details in the eyebrows. Add a few flecks in the iris using the darker green, or even brown, or erase little strokes off using a kneaded eraser, till you’re happy with the finished product.
Yay! You just drew an eye! Celebration! Give yourself a pat on the back, or go buy shoes or something. 😉
*The theory behind adding dimension is highlights and shadows. The light hits parts of the object that protrudes the most. 
So, I really hope this helps you guys. 
Thanks for reading!



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