How To Draw Hair- The Basics

Hey guys!

Okay, so as I promised yesterday, here’s a tutorial on how to draw hair- well, how I draw hair. Many people find it intimidating- I did, too! But then I figured where to start, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it!

Okay, let’s go ahead and get started. This will be our basic sketch.

1. Mark out roughly the areas where light will hit. These areas will contain some of your lightest tones.


2. Make markings to show where your darkest tones will be. Make sure to pay attention to the direction in which these lines occur.
3. Using long strokes, fill in the area just before the first light patches you drew. (Make sure not to fill in the area just next to the parting. We’ll look at this area next.) For now, use medium pressure on the pencil and make sure the lines show up well. Observe how they get darker towards the already present dark lines? This helps them blend in. Also, use the previous dark lines as guidelines for the direction in which the strokes go.
4. Use very slight pressure and carry the lines forward toward the parting. (The reason we’re leaving this light is because hair doesn’t grow flat at the part. There’s always a slight bump. I know it doesn’t look like it yet, but it’ll be fine.)
5. Now draw tiny, tiny strokes using good pressure towards the light area. This will give us the “bump” effect. Also, notice how some strokes go right across the the light area. This is so that the distinction between the two tones is not quite so abrupt.


6. Now let’s focus on the rest of it. Extend your initial darkest lines almost tangentially so they cross even the light areas, all the way to the end. These, again, will act as guidelines to help us gauge the direction of the strands.

7.  Let’s start with the bangs. Draw long strokes inwards. Make sure they are dense at the outside, and go slightly sparser inwards.

8. Do this with the rest of the sections, save the light areas. See how they get extremely dark at the intersections. This helps add dimension. Again, pay attention to the direction of the strands! I can not stress on this point enough!
9. Alright. Now to the tricky part. The light areas. Use minimal pressure to draw strokes connecting the two dark areas. These lines need not be too close together.
10. Like we did with the little bump at the parting, add a few darker lines going right across the light areas. Also, add a few darker areas close to the obvious lines to blend them in.
11. Repeat this on the other side of the head and you should have something that looks like this.
12. See that little triangle thing on top? Let’s work on that now. In this little region, the lines seem to fan out in all direction. So let’s get our guidelines in.
13. Use the same techniques like before, (darker towards the outside and lighter inside) to fill it in.
14. Time to add the finishing touches. Use a kneaded, or a very, very sharp hard eraser to add a few random white strokes across the head. This will make it look more real, as light tends to hit very random spots. Also, add or erase lines as you please till you’re satisfied with the final look of it.
Voila! You just drew hair! 😀
Not so difficult now, is it? Long, yes, but once you get it, it’s just a 5-minute job, and totally worth it! 😀
I really hope this tutorial helped. If you have any requests please do leave it in the comments below!
Thanks for watching!

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