Drawing The Ear- Part 2

Hi again!

This is Part 2 of the tutorial on drawing the ear.
Check out Part 1 to see how we got the basic lines in.

Here we deal with how to add dimension.

Alright, so this is what we have when we start

1. Colour the entire lobe with the base shade. I used a 2H pencil. I also blended the colour in a little bit to keep it nice and smooth, but if you like the sketchy look, leave it be!
2. Time to add the darkest tones in. I used a mere HB, but you can go in as dark as you like. These areas will be at the intersections. Also, remember the little stroke at the top? That’s one of the major dark areas.


3. Blend these areas, extending them in the direction they appear. See how a little blending  can cause so much of a difference?


4. Now, taking a shade between the two we already used (for example, I used an H), go around the little tunnel like thing that forms between the two inner C’s. Also, go around the periphery of the ear like so.


5. Back to the blending stump. This time, make sure to blend this shade inwards.


6. Time to whip out the eraser! I like to use a kneaded one, just because it’s just easier to use. Erase a thin line through the centre of the “tunnel”, spreading out at both vertical ends. Also go over the edges of the first inner curve, just to make the dark a little darker.


7. Darken the darkest tones a little more just to make all the folds stand out. This time, I coloured in a bit further inwards and blended even further. Don’t forget to go over the periphery of the ear and blend inwards.


8. Now on to the bottom of the earlobe that you’d normally pierce. It appears darker since it’s generally thinner and sunken. It’s like this little spot was biologically meant to be pierced!
Anyway, with the H pencil, draw a tiny semi-circle and thicken it slightly.


9. Blend this in the same semi-circular direction, connecting it to the bottom peak of the upper curve.
(I apologize for the lack of clarity in this picture. I’m still only just getting used to this camera.)


As always, add and erase lines as you please.
Voila! You just drew an ear!
Not quite so complicated now, is it? 😀 I really hope this helps.
So if you have any requests, please do let me know!
Thanks for watching!

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