Drawing A Mouth with Teeth!

Hi guys!
Sorry about not posting tutorials for a while. I’ve just been up to a lot of other stuff.
I must start off by saying that I lost the prequel to this tutorial. Ended up deleting a whole bunch of images by mistake. 😦
I’ll probably do it all over- it was about how to get the basic lines in, to get the shape you see in the first image. This one is about adding dimension to the mouth.
Also, for this you’ll need a clean blending stump, and a used one. I took a used blending stump and cleaned up one end of it using a sand-paper board.
So this is what we begin with. All I did was fill the lips in using a 2H pencil.
1. Using an HB pencil, outline the lips. Notice the little triangles on the corners of the mouth. (Remember those little guys from the previous mouth tutorial?)


2. Using the already used end of the blending stump, blend the HB towards the centre of each lip. That means that at the very corners, you’re blending almost horizontally so that it’s pointed to the very centre.


3. Using the same pencil, go around the outer edges of the lips lightly, and blend the same way- towards the centre.


4. Now we’ll fill the gums in. I used a 2H for this too. Just colour in the little gaps between the teeth and the lips.


5. This is where the fun starts. Using your darkest shade (mine was a B), fill in the space around the outside of the teeth. This region always appears dark because your teeth circle in to your mouth, while the lips stay on the surface.
* Try and be as neat as possible with this step. Going on to the teeth with too many dark shades can be difficult to repair.


6. Now let’s shift our focus to the teeth. If I hadn’t deleted those files, there would be a line saying “Notice how the teeth get thinner as we go away from the centre?”. Anyway, colour them all in using your lightest shade. I used an 8H. Honestly, you can just use one pencil and apply different pressures. I just like fancy material. 😉


7. Blend this in using the clean part of the blending stump. I can not stress enough on how important it is to use a clean one. Either that, or your subject will appear to have really bad cavities!


8. Time to add dimension. Now taking the used end of the blending stump and very light pressure, blend from the inner edge of each tooth, outwards.


9. Go over the lines between the teeth with a light pencil. I used a 5H. Also, with a 2H, line the bottom of the upper row of teeth, and blend downwards on to the lower row. (You might want to read that again. Haha!)


10. Now, using the used end of the blending stump, blend the darkest tone at the corners of the mouth inwards. Blend all the way over the outermost teeth and half way through the second tooth on each corner. This will create the effect of the teeth gradually disappearing into the darkness.
11. Go over the inner edges of the lips with some more HB and blend them inwards slightly onto the teeth. This creates dimension.


12. Go over the gaps between the teeth with the HB just to get it really dark.


13. Now for my favourite part. Now that we have the darkest tones in, it’s time to put in some lighter tones. Let’s begin with the upper incisors. Draw an “L” at the outermost lower corner of each incisor and dab diagonally inwards.


14. When it comes to the canines, erase off a quarter of a circle at the top inner corner and dab, very slightly, diagonally outwards. Since these teeth are the closest to the dark area, we still want to keep that dark grey tone.


15. Coming to the lower row, there’s just one technique for all the teeth. Leave a tiny gap from the top, and erase off a line parallel to the upper edge of the tooth. Again, dab downwards slightly.


Add or erase lines as you please, and voila! You have a realistic mouth- with teeth!


So yes, do keep an eye out for the prequel to this. I know it’s backwards. Oh well.
Do let me know if this tutorial was helpful, and if you have any tutorial requests, put it in a comment below!
I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I hope you try it out!
Thanks for watching!

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